July 24, 2019

BH INFRATEL ( 534816 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 25th Jul 19
534816(BH INFRATEL ), 532953(V GUARD IND ), 532413(CEREBRA INTE), 542724(EARUM ), 509480(BERGE PAINT ), 530307(CHAMANLAL SE), 500449(HIND.ORG.CHM), 500670(GUJ.NARMADA ), 532689(PVR LTD ), 540005(LTI ), 512179(SUNTECK REAL), 500850(INDIAN HOTEL), 511764(UPASANA FIN.), 530185(SURAT TEXT. ), 509162(INDAG RUBBER), 500357(RAMA PAPER ), 506685(ULTRAMARINE ), 500306(JAYKAY ), 531216(COMFORT INTE), 533271(ASHOKA ).
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