June 24, 2019

VIKAS WSP ( 519307 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 25th Jun 19
519307(VIKAS WSP ), 538812(AANCHALISP ), 511218(SHRIRAM TRAN), 532955(RECLTD ), 509162(INDAG RUBBER), 500550(SIEMENS LTD.), 532656(FACOR ALLOYS), 524444(KAVITIND ), 513361(ISW LTD ), 532070(SUPERB PAPER), 532541(NIITTECH ), 532771(JHS SVEN ), 533192(KCP SUGAR IN), 521180(SUPER SPIN. ), 532488(DIVI'S LAB. ), 513121(ORICON ENT ), 500313(OIL COUNTRY ), 517536(ONWARD TECHN), 510245(SWASTI VINAY), 526640(ROYALE MANOR).
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28-Oct ------------- Monday------------- Diwali-Balipratipada
12-Nov ------------- Tuesday-------------- Gurunanak Jayanti
25-Dec ------------ Wednesday--------------------- Christmas