January 14, 2019

APOLLOTRI ( 538566 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 15th Jan 19
538566(APOLLOTRI ), 524091(ACRYCIL LTD.), 517015(VINDHYA TELE), 506235(ALEMBIC LTD.), 505710(GRAUER& WEIL), 511557(PRO FIN CAP.), 506401(DEEPAK NITR.), 513269(MAN IND.(I) ), 531642(MARICOLTD ), 533164(TEXMO PIPES ), 530043(ACKNIT IND ), 517556(PVP VENT LTD), 533262(RAMKY INFRA ), 532180(DHANALAK.BNK), 540243(NEWLIGHT ), 539981(MAXINDIA ), 515147(HALDYN GLASS), 524280(KOPRAN LTD. ), 542011(GRSE ), 590075(LAMBODHARA T).
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