August 2, 2018

GAMMON INFRA ( 532959 )

Hot Stocks from for 3rd Aug 18
532959(GAMMON INFRA), 540774(IFGLEXPOR ), 532155(GAIL (I) LTD), 501150(CENTRUM CAP ), 533263(GREENPOWER ), 523796(VICEROY HOTE), 532733(SUN TVNET ), 523630(NATIONAL FER), 532854(NITIN FIRE ), 517146(USHA MART.LT), 512608(BHANDARI HOS), 532714(KEC INTERN ), 510245(SWASTI VINAY), 539359(PRITIKAUTO ), 533576(VASWANI IND ), 533162(HATHWAY CAB ), 531431(SHAKTI PUMPS), 500128(ELEC.CASTING), 541352(MEGASTAR ), 532386(CALIFORN.SOF).
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