July 17, 2018

SYNDICATE BN ( 532276 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 18th Jul 18
532276(SYNDICATE BN), 533156(VASCON ENG ), 532612(INDOCO REM ), 539524(LALPATHLAB ), 512573(AVANTI FEEDS), 533137(DEN NETWORK ), 532720(M&M FINANSER), 509835(PREMIER SYN.), 500012(ANDHRA PETRO), 500339(RAIN ), 531518(VIKASPROP ), 532331(AJANTA PHARM), 532180(DHANALAK.BNK), 526521(SANGHI IND. ), 500300(GRASIM IND. ), 500110(CHENNAI PET.), 531543(JINDAL WORLD), 508869(APOLLO HOSP.), 505533(WESTLIFE DEV), 532953(V GUARD IND ).
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