May 13, 2018

ALOK INDS. ( 521070 )

Hot Stocks from for 14th May 18
521070(ALOK INDS. ), 600180(HDFC BANK LT), 538666(SHARDACROP ), 532524(PTC INDIA ), 509480(BERGE PAINT ), 532143(SKM EGG PROD), 540787(ICICIB22 ), 512175(VAMA INDS ), 500180(HDFC BANK ), 532733(SUN TVNET ), 523277(G.V.FILMS ), 531543(JINDAL WORLD), 532767(GAYATRI PROJ), 532953(V GUARD IND ), 515147(HALDYN GLASS), 500010(HDFC ), 522229(TANEJA AERO.), 531869(SACHETA MET.), 533629(TIJARIA PPL ), 500009(A.SARABHAI ).
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