January 11, 2018

HDFC BANK LT ( 600180 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 12th Jan 18
600180(HDFC BANK LT), 532407(MOSCHIP SEMI), 530191(CHROMATIC IN), 532524(PTC INDIA ), 532418(ANDHRA BANK ), 534600(JTL INFRA ), 504961(TATA YODOGAW), 531996(ODYSSEY CORP), 500009(A.SARABHAI ), 532275(LANDMARC LEI), 500239(KG DENIM ), 526179(LUDOLOW JUTE), 526137(SHETRON LTD ), 530419(SUMEDHA FISC), 511658(NETTLINX LTD), 539287(ORTINLAABS ), 533576(VASWANI IND ), 500010(HDFC ), 516078(JUMBO BAG ), 539404(SATIN ).
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