December 3, 2017

DQ ENT ( 533176 )

Hot Stocks from for 4th Dec 17
533176(DQ ENT ), 531162(EMAMI LTD. ), 531814(TIRUPATI SAR), 526471(WINSOME BREW), 524820(PANAMA PETRO), 516082(N.R.AGARWAL ), 531869(SACHETA MET.), 517119(PCS TECH ), 526971(DHOOT I.FIN.), 509162(INDAG RUBBER), 532406(AVANTEL LTD ), 533029(ALKALI ), 500058(BIHAR SPONGE), 526739(NARMADA GEL ), 505010(AUTO AXLES ), 532989(BAFNA PHARMA), 523638(IP RINGS LTD), 507785(TAINWALA CH.), 505726(IFB IND.LTD.), 524288(AIMCO PESTI.).
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List of Holidays

29-Apr ---------------- Monday ---------------- Elections
01-May ------------- Wednesday ---------- Maharashtra Day
05-Jun ---------------- Wednesday ---------------- Id-Ul-Fitr