November 5, 2017

SOUTH IND.BK ( 532218 )

Hot Stocks from for 6th Nov 17
532218(SOUTH IND.BK), 531717(VIDHIING ), 532275(LANDMARC LEI), 532733(SUN TVNET ), 523574(FEL ), 513446(MONNETISPA ), 531437(PWASML ), 530007(JK TYRE IND ), 532478(UNITED BREWA), 532456(COMPUAGE INF), 531952(RIBA TEXTILS), 532647(PROVOGUE IND), 532718(PRATIBHA IND), 500354(RAJSH.SUGAR ), 539228(GGPL ), 517415(LEE&NEE SOFT), 500110(CHENNAI PET.), 540565(INDIGRID ), 530589(PRIMA PLASTI), 507450(THIRU A.SUG.).
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List of Holidays

22-Aug -------- Wednesday -------------------- Bakri ID
13-Sep --------- Thursday --------- Ganesh Chaturthi