June 4, 2017

SYNCOM FORM. ( 524470 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 5th Jun 17
524470(SYNCOM FORM.), 531404(ZICOM ELECTR), 506235(ALEMBIC LTD.), 517140(MOSER BEAR ), 511692(AJCON GLOBAL), 500031(BAJAJ ELECT.), 532845(TGBHOTELS ), 530419(SUMEDHA FISC), 532221(SONATA SOFT.), 532275(LANDMARC LEI), 516030(YASH PAPERS ), 520059(MUNAUTO ), 502168(N C L IND. ), 504092(INDOKEM LTD.), 532528(DATAM GLOB ), 532141(ANDHRA CEMEN), 538542(GOLDCOINHF ), 511333(VLS FINANCE ), 514326(PATSPIN INDI), 500620(GREAT EASTE ).
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29-Apr ---------------- Monday ---------------- Elections
01-May ------------- Wednesday ---------- Maharashtra Day
05-Jun ---------------- Wednesday ---------------- Id-Ul-Fitr