May 2, 2017

MEP ( 539126 )

Hot Stocks from for 3rd May 17
539126(MEP ), 600180(HDFC BANK LT), 532656(FACOR ALLOYS), 533274(PRESTIGE ), 535789(IBUL HSG FIN), 532326(INTENS TECH ), 500547(BHARAT PET. ), 511092(JMD TELEFILM), 532916(BARAK VALL ), 537800(MANGALAM IND), 531358(CHOICE INT. ), 513228(PENNAR STEEL), 506590(PHIL.CARBON ), 509220(PTL LTD ), 515085(RESTILE CER.), 500337(PRIME SECUR.), 513023(NAV BHAR VEN), 500114(TITAN ), 523523(RAINBOW PAP.), 540071(CAMSONSEEDS ).
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