May 30, 2017

CANARA BANK ( 532483 )

Hot Stocks from for 31st May 17
532483(CANARA BANK ), 540023(MIENT ), 531934(SUPREME TEX ), 539150(PNCINFRA ), 532872(SUNPHA ADV ), 511642(WISEC GLOBAL), 532155(GAIL (I) LTD), 512093(CRANES SOFTW), 532719(BL KASHYAP ), 530355(ASIAN OILFIE), 532930(BGR ENERGY ), 519183(ADF FOODS LT), 532902(CONSOL CONST), 532734(GODAWARI POW), 502180(SRI DIGV CEM), 513446(MONNETISPA ), 532776(SHIVAM AUTO ), 533150(GODREJ PROP ), 511557(PRO FIN CAP.).
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List of Holidays

22-Aug -------- Wednesday -------------------- Bakri ID
13-Sep --------- Thursday --------- Ganesh Chaturthi