March 6, 2017

VIRTUAL GLO ( 534741 )

Hot Stocks from for 7th Mar 17
534741(VIRTUAL GLO ), 526899(HIMALAYA INT), 500193(HOTEL LEELA.), 533007(LGB FORGE ), 539542(LUXIND ), 531328(IDEAL OPTICS), 531556(CORAL (I)FIN), 534748(STEEL EXCH ), 539131(CLLIMITED ), 533333(FINEOTEX CH), 512301(CHAMBAL BREW), 524689(PARENT.DRUGS), 523638(IP RINGS LTD), 514448(JYOTI RESINS), 530997(UNIQUE ORGAN), 532662(HT MEDIA ), 500171(GHCL LTD ), 506184(KANANI IND ), 524703(SANDU PHARMA), 519373(VIMAL OIL FD).
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