March 8, 2017

JMD TELEFILM ( 511092 )

Hot Stocks from for 9th Mar 17
511092(JMD TELEFILM), 511064(APLAYA ), 500153(GANESH BENZO), 534976(VMART ), 517354(HAVELLSINDIA), 512093(CRANES SOFTW), 500322(PANYAM CEMEN), 532332(CURATECH ), 539252(SCFL ), 526775(VALIANT COMM), 506079(LAKSHMI PREC), 590066(KCP LTD ), 511754(SHALIB.FINAN), 514448(JYOTI RESINS), 539767(MNIL ), 517514(DHINDIA ), 532875(ALLIED DIGIT), 514043(HIMAT.SEIDE ), 531216(COMFORT INTE), 506248(AMINES&PLAST),  .
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