February 27, 2017

HDFC BANK LT ( 600180 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 28th Feb 17
600180(HDFC BANK LT), 530961(VIKASECO ), 532180(DHANALAK.BNK), 500940(FINOLEX IND.), 507526(ASSO.ALCOHOL), 502168(N C L IND. ), 500188(HINDUS.ZI ), 522105(BIRLA PRETEC), 532886(SEL MANUF ), 500220(JASCH INDUST), 532830(ASTRAL POLY ), 531842(LAHOTI OVER.), 532891(PURAVANKARA ), 512299(STERL.BIOTEC), 524520(KMC SHIL ), 506128(PARNAXLAB ), 530579(GOLDEN GOEN ), 502281(TRIVENI GLAS), 540006(BULL ), 511658(NETTLINX LTD).
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