June 7, 2016

ANSAL INFRAS ( 500013 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 8th Jun 16
500013(ANSAL INFRAS), 500245(KIRL.FERROUS), 500317(OSWAL AGRO. ), 532997(KSK ENERGY ), 523842(SUPER TANNER), 532070(SUPERB PAPER), 517356(ACI INFOCOM ), 531761(AMULYA LEAS.), 532522(PETRONET LNG), 500500(HIND.MOTORS ), 522287(KALPA.POWER ), 500483(TATA COMM ), 532883(ZYLOG SYSTEM), 502420(ORIENT PAPER), 500227(JINDAL POLYF), 511218(SHRIRAM TRAN), 524663(BH.IMMUN&BIO), 532633(ALLSEC TECH ), 500303(ADI BIR NUVO), 517569(KEI INDUST. ).
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