January 21, 2016

DISHMAN PHAR ( 532526 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 22nd Jan 16
532526(DISHMAN PHAR), 523820(NEOCORP INTE), 500188(HINDUS.ZI ), 507526(ASSO.ALCOHOL), 532651(SPL INDS ), 532785(RUCHIRA PAP ), 532389(VALECHA ENGG), 509709(INT.CONVEYOR), 537253(SUNIL HEALTH), 590062(ANDHRA SUGAR), 530617(SAMPRE NUTRI), 500028(ATV PROJECTS), 524828(BDH INDUS. ), 532633(ALLSEC TECH ), 523011(WEIZMANN LTD), 522105(BIRLA PRETEC), 531431(SHAKTI PUMPS), 526093(SATVAH.ISPAT), 533259(MICROSECFIN ), 532853(ASAHI SONG ).
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