October 19, 2015

FINOLEX IND. ( 500940 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 20th Oct 15
500940(FINOLEX IND.), 532978(BAJAJ FINSE ), 532880(OMAXE LTD ), 532798(NTWK MED INV), 539032(FRASER ), 538476(CTL ), 526521(SANGHI IND. ), 539178(PELTD ), 532384(TYCHE INDS ), 532870(ANKIT METAL ), 532481(NOIDA-TOLL B), 532994(ARCHIDPLY IN), 500008(AMAR RAJA BA), 537068(SATYA MINERS), 533389(SHILPI CABLE), 500360(RAPICUT CARB), 507828(ANSAL HOUS. ), 516108(S.I.PAPER ), 509488(GRAPHITE IN.), 532676(PBA INFRASTR),
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