August 3, 2015

YAMINI INVES ( 511012 )

Hot Stocks from for 4th Aug 15
511012(YAMINI INVES), 533305(SRS REAL ), 600180(HDFC BANK LT), 534597(RTNINFRA ), 524540(SECUND.HEALT), 533569(SRS LIMITED ), 534748(STEEL EXCH ), 511072(DEWAN H.FIN.), 532959(GAMMON INFRA), 533080(MOLDTKPACK ), 532814(INDIAN BANK ), 517296(PHOENIXLL ), 517146(USHA MART.LT), 532647(PROVOGUE IND), 538452(QUASAR ), 509069(INFOMEDIA ), 512267(MEDIA MATRIX), 538180(GOLD LINE ), 532654(MCLEOD RUSSE), 502180(SRI DIGV CEM).
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