October 16, 2013

IWIND ENERGY ( 532894 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 17th Oct 13
532894(IWIND ENERGY), 511682(IFL PRMOTER ), 503310(SWAN ENG ), 531570(BLAZON MARBL), 507528(EASTERN SUG.), 503940(ASIAN ELECTR), 531723(STAMPEDE CAP), 507514(SOM DISTILL.), 504879(ORIENT ABRAS), 532127(MOBILE TELE ), 530393(DB INT.ST.BR), 512361(CUPID TRADE ), 531453(MOHIT INDUS.), 533639(TAKSHEEL ), 510245(SWASTI VINAY), 533638(FLEXITUFF ), 500136(ESTER INDUS.), 531499(SYBLY INDS. ), 533156(VASCON ENG ).
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