September 16, 2013

SYNCOM FORM. ( 524470 )

Hot Stocks from for 17th Sep 13
524470(SYNCOM FORM.), 523236(SHRENUJ & CO), 512299(STERL.BIOTEC), 502420(ORIENT PAPER), 532351(AKSH OPTIFIB), 530703(INFO-DRIVE S), 511676(GIC HOUSING ), 503796(DIGJAM LTD ), 530611(STURDY INDS ), 520057(SONA KOYO ST), 531502(ESAAR (I)LTD), 506197(BLISSGVS PH ), 534060(PRITI MERC ), 531598(NIMBUS FOOD ), 515030(ASAHI IN.GLA), 530315(HIND.TIN WRK), 530289(SP CAPITAL ), 511754(SHALIB.FINAN), 523207(KOKUYOCMLN ), 533263(GREENPOWER ).
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