September 26, 2013

STERL.BIOTEC ( 512299 )

Hot Stocks from for 27th Sep 13
512299(STERL.BIOTEC), 533264(ELECTROSTEEL), 532323(SHIVA CEMENT), 531364(CHOICE INF ), 533581(PG ELECTRO ), 505729(SINGER INDIA), 530289(SP CAPITAL ), 500012(ANDHRA PETRO), 521062(OCTAVE ), 533482(READYMADESTL), 513250(JYOTI STRUCT), 531845(ZENITH BIRLA), 533317(OMKAR SPC ), 532900(SE INVESTM ), 531253(INDIA GELAT.), 532751(EASUNREYRL ), 500670(GUJ.NARMADA ), 532356(TRIVENI ENGG), 517447(R.S.SOFTWARE), 533161(EMMBI )
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