August 4, 2013

MANAP FIN ( 531213 )

Hot Stocks from for 5th Aug 13
531213(MANAP FIN ), 512355(ANUKARAN COM), 500304(NIIT LTD. ), 532345(GATI LTD. ), 530239(SUVEN LIFE S), 532989(BAFNA PHARMA), 511072(DEWAN H.FIN.), 532900(SE INVESTM ), 512161(8KMILES ), 532854(NITIN FIRE ), 504008(EMCO LTD. ), 511092(JMD TELEFILM), 533389(SHILPI CABLE), 511754(SHALIB.FINAN), 532424(GODREJ CONS ), 500271(MAX INDIA ), 532400(KPIT INFOSYS), 531543(JINDAL WORLD), 532978(BAJAJ FINSE ), 570003(GUJNREBNDVR ).
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