May 26, 2013

TURBO TECH ( 504358 )

Hot Stocks from for 27th May 13
504358(TURBO TECH ), 524760(ARVIND INTER), 531373(BYKE HOSP ), 503310(SWAN ENG ), 512608(BHANDARI HOS), 531262(SURYA IND.CO), 511652(RAM KAASHYAP), 532915(RELIGARE ENT), 511682(IFL PRMOTER ), 532790(TANLA ), 526642(MIRZA INTER ), 530703(INFO-DRIVE S), 532179(CORPN.BANK ), 533676(INDO THAI ), 530431(ADOR FONTECH), 530001(GUJ.ALKALI ), 506261(MODISON MET.), 500343(PUDUMJEE ), 532989(BAFNA PHARMA), 514312(JAY HIND SYN).
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