April 11, 2013

NILA INFRA. ( 530377 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 12th Apr 13
530377(NILA INFRA. ), 533469(BIRLAPACIFIC), 519273(UNNO INDUS. ), 632500(MARUTI UDYOG), 530239(SUVEN LIFE S), 531823(ARVIND REM. ), 533015(NUTEK INDIA ), 512499(SHALIMAR PRO), 530967(ARICENTINF ), 533137(DEN NETWORK ), 531519(ANKUSH FINST), 531744(GINI SILK MI), 531404(ZICOM ELECTR), 512535(ASAHI INFRA.), 522064(HONDA SIEL ), 530091(ZYDEN GENTEC), 512301(CHAMBAL BREW), 512068(DECCANGOLD ), 505324(MANUGRAPH IN), 526544(SCANP GEOM ).
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