March 18, 2013

KARUTURI GLO ( 531687 )

Hot Stocks from for 19th Mar 13
531687(KARUTURI GLO), 512379(CRESSANDA SO), 532460(PONNI SUG(ER), 504340(CONFIDENCE ), 530579(GOLDEN GOEN ), 532924(KOLTEPATIL ), 532734(GODAWARI POW), 532633(ALLSEC TECH ), 524754(GUJ.MEDITECH), 519260(SANWARIA AGR), 532296(GLENMARK PHA), 532025(SOWBH MEDIA ), 532523(BIOCON LTD. ), 532894(IWIND ENERGY), 507528(EASTERN SUG.), 531273(RADHE DEVLOP), 532545(FKONCO ), 524669(HESTER BISC ), 509499(CENTRON IND ), 526596(LIBERTY SHOE),
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20-Sep ------------ Thursday --------------- Moharram
02-Oct ----------- Tuesday ----------- Gandhi Jayanti
18-Oct ---------------Thursday ----------------- Dasera