January 23, 2013

YUVRAAJHPL ( 531663 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 24th Jan 13
531663(YUVRAAJHPL ), 513414(SUJANA METAL), 534731(BRONZE INFRA), 534748(STEEL EXCH ), 531612(KGN IND LTD ), 512093(CRANES SOFTW), 530191(CHROMATIC IN), 531570(BLAZON MARBL), 532072(INTER DIGI ), 532789(NISSAN COPER), 530343(GENUS POWER ), 532796(LUMAX AUTO ), 523537(APM INDUS. ), 531936(BLUE CHIP(I)), 532479(ISMT LTD ), 590083(MAVENS BIO ), 500184(HIMADRI CHEM), 531273(RADHE DEVLOP), 514274(AARVEE DENIM), 534756(TARA JEWELS ).
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