August 12, 2012

MEDIA MATRIX ( 512267 )

Hot Stocks from for 13th Aug 12
512267(MEDIA MATRIX), 531344(CONTAIN.CORP), 530117(ADIFINCHM ), 590037(STEEL EXCH ), 500211(INSILCO LTD.), 503699(GEOD LTD ), 532358(TELE DATA IN), 520057(SONA KOYO ST), 503940(ASIAN ELECTR), 514312(JAY HIND SYN), 570004(JISLBNDVR ), 532338(VALUEMART ), 500153(GANESH BENZO), 532783(DAAWAT ), 520113(VESUVIUS IND), 508860(DIAMANT ), 523724(VIJAY SHA.BU), 513142(BALASORE ), 533321(BIL ENERGY ), 526315(DIVYA.GRANIT).
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