August 30, 2012

IBIPL ( 534597 )

Hot Stocks from for 31st Aug 12
534597(IBIPL ), 520059(MUNAUTO ), 534184(NORL ), 500038(BALRAM.CHINI), 530191(CHROMATIC IN), 513269(MAN IND.(I) ), 534564(ASEEM GLOBAL), 523261(VENKEY'S (I)), 532790(TANLA ), 514348(WINSOME YARN), 532923(REN JEWELERY), 532321(CADILA HEALT), 532338(VALUEMART ), 531598(NIMBUS FOOD ), 506480(GULF OIL COR), 530365(ORIENTBELL ), 532768(FIEM INDS ), 519248(JVL AGRO ), 530093(ACE INDIA LT), 531645(SOUTHERN ISP).
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