June 25, 2012

WAGEND ( 503675 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 26th Jun 12
503675(WAGEND ), 500302(PIRAMA HEALT), 531855(PRABHAV IND ), 506016(JRIIIL), 512301(CHAMBAL BREW), 524760(ARVIND INTER), 530219(SHREEYASH), 500307(NIRLON), 500245(KIRL.FERROUS), 532177(ZIGMA SOFT. ), 502587(RAMA PULP), 512369(ENNORE COKE ), 517556(PVP VENT LTD), 590093(TRIMURTHI DR), 532899(KAVERI SEED ), 531717(VIDHI DYESTU), 533258(TIRUPATI IN ), 523576(FLAWLESS DIA), 520151(SHREY SH LOG), 514162(WELSPUN (I) ).
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