December 25, 2011

ANANT RAJ IN ( 515055 )

Hot Stocks from for 26th Dec 11
515055(ANANT RAJ IN), 531823(ARVIND REM. ), 532874(SURYACHAKRA ),
514450(MAHA.RUBTECH), 531500(RAJESH EXPO.), 531173(SYSCHEM (I) ),
502405(MYSORE PAPER), 500878(CEAT LIMITED), 523840(INN.TECH.PAC),
524232(MAHA.POLYBUT), 500144(FINOL. CABLE), 511208(IL & FS INVE).
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20-Sep ------------ Thursday --------------- Moharram
02-Oct ----------- Tuesday ----------- Gandhi Jayanti
18-Oct ---------------Thursday ----------------- Dasera