November 23, 2011

KGN IND LTD ( 531612 )

Hot Stocks from for 24th Nov 11
531612(KGN IND LTD ), 632134(BNK OF BA(FI), 531591(BAMPSL SECUR),
530165(KANCHAN INT.), 532890(TAKE SOLUT ), 533257(INDOSOLAR ),
520003(VYBRA AUTO. ), 532850(MIC ELECTRON), 500403(SUNDARAM FAS),
531599(FDC LIMITED ), 531917(TWINSTAR SOF), 500372(SAMTEL COL ).
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20-Sep ------------ Thursday --------------- Moharram
02-Oct ----------- Tuesday ----------- Gandhi Jayanti
18-Oct ---------------Thursday ----------------- Dasera