March 6, 2018

TIFHL. ( 504973 )

Hot Stocks from for 6th Mar 18
504973(TIFHL ), 533506(INVENTURE ), 526829(CONFI PETRO ), 539228(GGPL ), 511196(CANFIN HOMES), 532183(GAYATRI SUGR), 532694(BARTRONICSIN), 537766(BCP LTD ), 508494(WARREN TEA ), 526423(KRITI INDUS.), 532129(HEXAWARE TEC), 512179(SUNTECK REAL), 530201(KALLAM SPG. ), 517556(PVP VENT LTD), 539131(CLLIMITED ), 513532(PRADEEP MET.), 532407(MOSCHIP SEMI), 533576(VASWANI IND ), 505299(KULK-POWER ), 526143(MPL).
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