February 11, 2018

GAYATRI SUGR ( 532183 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 12th Feb 18
500279(MIRC ELECT ), 532183(GAYATRI SUGR), 537069(ARNOLD HOLD ), 533605(PRAKASH CON ), 532774(ACCEL FRONTL), 532416(MID-DAY MULT), 539007(PINCONLIFE ), 512608(BHANDARI HOS), 537254(RCI IND ), 522257(RAJOO ENGIN.), 532271(CYBERMATE ), 523796(VICEROY HOTE), 532951(GSS INFOTECH), 519552(HERITGFOOD ), 590071(SUNDARAM FIN), 530543(MARG LTD ), 532794(ZEEMEDIA ), 532745(INDICAP ), 526668(KAMAT HOTELS), 532163(SAREGAMA (I)).
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