December 11, 2017

ATHARV ENT ( 530187 )

Hot Stocks from for 12th Dec 17
530187(ATHARV ENT ), 511218(SHRIRAM TRAN), 532323(SHIVA CEMENT), 531977(CHARTERLOGIS), 540611(AUBANK ), 500456(PAS.ACRYLON ), 522285(JAY NECO IND), 517059(SALZER ELEC ), 512257(SVARTCORP ), 532772(DCBBANK ), 509627(HIND.DORR ), 500408(TATA ELXSI ), 512179(SUNTECK REAL), 531869(SACHETA MET.), 506642(SADHANA NITR), 514470(WIMSOME TEXT), 523369(DCM SHR.IND ), 532408(MEGASOFT LTD), 523736(DPL ), 532538(ULTRATECH CM).
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