November 9, 2017

BHANDARI HOS ( 512608 )

Hot Stocks from for 10th Nov 17
512608(BHANDARI HOS), 501150(CENTRUM CAP ), 500335(BIRLA CORPN.), 500380(JK LAKSHMI ), 532883(ZYLOG SYSTEM), 539252(SCFL ), 517556(PVP VENT LTD), 511196(CANFIN HOMES), 532762(ACTION CONST), 532541(NIITTECH ), 533482(KRIINFRA ), 500271(MFSL ), 539985(TITAANIUM ), 532722(NITCO TILES ), 532975(AISHWARYA TE), 533177(IL&FS TRANS ), 516007(MANGALAM TIM), 532343(TVS MOTOR L ), 530135(OPTIEMUS ), 532850(MIC ELECTRON).
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