October 5, 2017

PETRONET LNG ( 532522 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 6th Oct 17
532522(PETRONET LNG), 512247(ASHIRWAD CAP), 521016(INDO COUNT ), 500117(DCW LTD. ), 533339(ZEN TECH ), 530343(GENUS POWER ), 532771(JHS SVEN ), 513250(JYOTI STRUCT), 532356(TRIVENI ENGG), 532904(SUPREME INFR), 513228(PENNAR STEEL), 531952(RIBA TEXTILS), 539336(GUJGAS ), 507685(WIPRO LTD. ), 512267(MEDIA MATRIX), 512018(CNI RES LTD ), 500040(CENTURY TEXT), 532841(SAHYA INDU ), 524037(RAMA PHOSPH ), 523229(BHARAT SEATS).
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