August 20, 2017

SKFL ( 536592 )

Hot Stocks from for 21st Aug 17
536592(SKFL ), 513519(PITTI LAMIN.), 533569(SRS LIMITED ), 511072(DEWAN H.FIN.), 531723(STAMPEDE CAP), 532898(POWER GRID ), 505726(IFB IND.LTD.), 534816(BH INFRATEL ), 517354(HAVELLSINDIA), 511630(SAMBHAAV MED), 532794(ZEEMEDIA ), 532718(PRATIBHA IND), 500870(CASTROL ), 515147(HALDYN GLASS), 522101(KILBURN ENGG), 500696(HIND UNI LT ), 531727(MENON PISTON), 532737(EMKAY GLOB F), 533088(MAH HOLIDAY ), 530367(NRB BEARINGS).
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List of Holidays

15-Aug -------- Wednesday ------ Independence Day
22-Aug -------- Wednesday -------------------- Bakri ID
13-Sep --------- Thursday --------- Ganesh Chaturthi