June 11, 2017

HDFC BANK LT ( 600180 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 12th Jun 17
600180(HDFC BANK LT), 532682(ABG SHIPYARD), 530965(INDIAN OIL ), 532123(BSE INFRA ), 500083(CENTURY EXT ), 531540(MARUTI INFRA), 523724(VIJAY SHA.BU), 530201(KALLAM SPG. ), 532780(PARSVNATH ), 500141(FERRO ALLOYS), 521206(SAMTEX FASH.), 531977(CHARTERLOGIS), 519216(AJANTA SOYA ), 511630(SAMBHAAV MED), 530813(KRBL LTD. ), 526227(FILATEX INDI), 531344(CONTAIN.CORP), 500414(TIMEX GROUP ), 524576(VIVID IND ), 511196(CANFIN HOMES).
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