June 8, 2017

GVK POWERINF ( 532708 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 8th Jun 17
532708(GVK POWERINF), 535754(ORIENT CEM ), 532778(LANCO INFRA ), 500183(HIMACHAL FUT), 519307(VIKAS WSP ), 521016(INDO COUNT ), 500850(INDIAN HOTEL), 511243(CHOLAFIN ), 502180(SRI DIGV CEM), 511288(GRUH FINANCE), 500770(TATA CHEM. ), 500870(CASTROL ), 506642(SADHANA NITR), 523840(INN.TECH.PAC), 532707(DYNEMIC PRO ), 539982(ASYL ), 511630(SAMBHAAV MED), 590066(KCP LTD ), 533163(ARSS INFRA ), 508905(SMIFS CAPITA).
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