April 11, 2017

DIGJAMLTD ( 539979 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 12th Apr 17
539979(DIGJAMLTD ), 530979(INDIA HOME ), 532418(ANDHRA BANK ), 512455(LLOYDS MET E), 500117(DCW LTD. ), 507717(DHAN AGRI ), 532479(ISMT LTD ), 539251(BALKRISHNA ), 505358(INTEGRA ENG ), 500227(JINDAL POLYF), 517354(HAVELLSINDIA), 534328(HEXATRADEX ), 504112(NELCO LTD. ), 531869(SACHETA MET.), 532877(SIMPLEX PROJ), 500043(BATA INDIA ), 533162(HATHWAY CAB ), 500319(INDIAN SUCRO), 523796(VICEROY HOTE), 513023(NAV BHAR VEN).
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