March 22, 2017

PMCFIN ( 534060 )

Hot Stocks from for 23rd Mar 17
534060(PMCFIN ), 532518(FLORENCE ), 532106(REI AGRO LTD), 530131(UDAIPUR CEME), 500135(ESSEL PROP ), 511092(JMD TELEFILM), 512381(NIVEDITA MER), 516030(YASH PAPERS ), 512608(BHANDARI HOS), 512179(SUNTECK REAL), 524669(HESTER BISC ), 538520(SBL ), 538608( DWITIYA ), 531952(RIBA TEXTILS), 533007(LGB FORGE ), 533200(TALWALKAR ), 500306(JAYKAY ), 532097(MUKAND ENGG.), 530859(COSBOARD IND), 531146(MEDICAMEN BI).
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