February 20, 2017

MOBILE TELE ( 532127 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 21st Feb 17
532127(MOBILE TELE ), 532149(BNK OF INDIA), 532553(WELENT ), 511064(APLAYA ), 500335(BIRLA CORPN.), 530715(ALPS INDS. ), 524226(GUJ AMB EXP ), 531328(IDEAL OPTICS), 531453(MOHIT INDUS.), 515037(MURD.CERAM ), 533272(CEBBCO ), 539398(VISHALBL ), 505537(ZEE ENTER ), 531404(ZICOM ELECTR), 531146(MEDICAMEN BI), 540025(ADVENZYMES ), 524164(IOL CHEM PH ), 526717(GOPALA POLY.), 500039(BANCO PROD. ), 523796(VICEROY HOTE).
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