January 15, 2017

ATLAS CYCLES ( 505029 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 16th Jan 17
505029(ATLAS CYCLES), 513519(PITTI LAMIN.), 538598(VISHAL ), 532388(INDIAN OVER.), 532720(M&M FINANSER), 531882(KWALITYLTD ), 532401(VIJAYA BANK ), 517518(LLOYD ELECT.), 530813(KRBL LTD. ), 500155(GARDEN SILK ), 532695(CELEBRITYFAS), 512604(HARIA EXPORT), 534369(TBZ LTD ), 532172(SPHEREGSL ), 526737(CORPOR COUR ), 532828(AMD INDUS ), 531761(AMULYA LEAS.), 533543(BROOKS LABS ), 514300(PIONEER EMB ), 524689(PARENT.DRUGS).
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