October 9, 2016

TATA TELESER ( 532371 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 10th Oct 16
532371(TATA TELESER), 517224(SUJANA INDUS), 530811(NETVISTA INF), 531867(UNITECH INTE), 507690(ORIENT BEVER), 533470(RUSHIL DECOR), 531795(ATUL AUTO ), 522231(CONART ENG. ), 531952(RIBA TEXTILS), 526717(GOPALA POLY.), 526512(INTERLINK PE), 532604(SALSTEEL ), 506597(AMAL PRODUCT), 538365(ADHUNIKIND ), 532977(BAJAJ AUTO ), 532893(VTM LTD ), 532133(IFGL REFRACT), 500354(RAJSH.SUGAR ), 521034(SOMA TEXTILE), 590062(ANDHRA SUGAR).
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