September 11, 2016

SANJIVANI PA ( 531569 )

Hot Stocks from for 12th Sep 16
531569(SANJIVANI PA), 511557(PRO FIN CAP.), 530175(ODYSSEY TECH), 522101(KILBURN ENGG), 532729(UTTAM SUGAR ), 516082(N.R.AGARWAL ), 500132(EMPEE SUGARS), 538891(SIPROJECTS ), 516007(MANGALAM TIM), 526861(RISHI LASER ), 519136(NAHAR INDUST), 519224(WILLIAM.MAGO), 531923(DHAMPURE SGR), 532349(TRANSPORT CO), 532986(NIRAJ CEMENT), 500367(RUBFILA INT.), 532871(CELESTIAL ), 531540(MARUTI INFRA), 531867(UNITECH INTE), 504378(NYSSACORP ).
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List of Holidays

15-Aug -------- Wednesday ------ Independence Day
22-Aug -------- Wednesday -------------------- Bakri ID
13-Sep --------- Thursday --------- Ganesh Chaturthi