September 13, 2016

BODAL CHEM ( 524370 )

Hot Stocks from for 14th Sep 16
524370(BODAL CHEM ), 500012(ANDHRA PETRO), 532987(RANE BRAKE ), 506016(JRIIIL ), 506194(ARIH SUPER ), 524598(AKSHARCHEM I), 539392(SANGFROID ), 531761(AMULYA LEAS.), 532906(MAANALU ), 501455(GREAVES COTT), 511658(NETTLINX LTD), 523792(MAZDA LTD ), 532690(RAMSARUP IND), 517063(JETINFOTRAN ), 532923(REN JEWELERY), 513597(SURANA INDS ), 511672(SCANSTL ), 524288(AIMCO PESTI.), 532710(SADBHAV ENGG), 537069(ARNOLD HOLD ).
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