July 10, 2016

SUPREME TEX ( 531934 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 11th Jul 16
531934(SUPREME TEX ), 511208(IL & FS INVE), 531233(RASI ELECTRO), 532538(ULTRATECH CM), 526365(SWARNASA ), 533017(RESURGERE ), 512455(LLOYDS MET E), 532884(REFEX ), 506579(ORIENT.CARB.), 533704(ESSAR SHIP ), 531217(WEST.(I)SHIP), 532290(BLB LTD. ), 500028(ATV PROJECTS), 532797(AUTOIND ), 532972(SANKHYA INFO), 530369(VAMSHI RUBB.), 507864(PION INVEST ), 500182(HEROMOTOCO ), 513369(RAJKUMAR FRG), 500211(INSILCO LTD.).
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