May 30, 2016

REI AGRO LTD ( 532106 )

Hot Stocks from for 31st  May 16
532106(REI AGRO LTD), 532959(GAMMON INFRA), 507458(UNITED BREWE), 531179(ARMAN FIN ), 500307(NIRLON ), 539287(ORTINLAABS ), 534690(LAKSHMIVILAS), 532663(SASKEN COMM ), 533200(TALWALKAR ), 502175(SAURAS.CEM. ), 506401(DEEPAK NITR.), 533093(RAJ OIL ), 500256(LOK.HOUS&CON), 532285(GEOJIT BNP ), 539195(POEL ), 533269(VATECH WABA ), 531344(CONTAIN.CORP), 526729(GOLDIAM INT.), 500940(FINOLEX IND.), 511108(SHIVA TEXYAM).
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