May 16, 2016

HDFC BANK LT ( 600180 )

Hot Stocks from for 17th May 16
600180(HDFC BANK LT), 533389(SHILPI CABLE), 500102(BALARPUR IND), 531925(SHANTANU SHE), 523840(INN.TECH.PAC), 522004(BATLIBOI LTD), 539331(VETO ), 506525(KANORIA CHEM), 524226(GUJ AMB EXP ), 539725(GOKULAGRO ), 538891(SIPROJECTS ), 538562(SKIPPER ), 512175(VAMA INDS ), 532834(CAMLIN FINE ), 538922(COSYN ), 532842(SREE RAYALA ), 532699(ROYALORCH ), 531814(TIRUPATI SAR), 505075(SETCO AUTO ), 530199(THEMIS MEDIC).
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